Hidden on Commercial Street

Flipping of a coin from tail to head. cart-wheels on the beach. Drag Queen working the beat on Commercial street. Bare-footing, on the sultry tar. Hidden seaport cemeteries overgrown with unknown kin. Similar searches... Performed like a well manicured dance from centuries ago. Gentle Journeymen and Women with unease being the common goal. A sense … Continue reading Hidden on Commercial Street


Breaking Waters

Fresh water sea gathered around at my knees and feet. Would the memory fade? The gentle bear at the edge of a neon street? The aggressive wallflower that would not give up her nylon seat? Water, secretly breaking? May, December, lovers on retreat? My scattered thoughts... Re-learning how to ebb, flow and sway? Watching used … Continue reading Breaking Waters

Bend Over & Shower

'Get out the camera...take a picture...the drag queens and the freaks are all out on the town!' Strange things happen when we go to the earth.  For instance, when earthlings decide to become one with nature once again...as their great, great, great and not so great ancestors did many dark moons ago; they go it … Continue reading Bend Over & Shower

Get Out the Map

So after many, many years of marriage.  After the consoling.  The begging and the pleading.  The Misfits on the Isle of Misfit Animals and Lesbian women...will leave most of their brood home and head down to where the GAIETY began...Ptown!  The last stop on the Cape unless you plan on swimming to Cuba.  Been there … Continue reading Get Out the Map

Making Our Life Whole with Dank Dog Aroma’s

Today, tomorrow, two days from now and all of next week... The New Hampshire forecast will be what it has always been; uncertain with elements of high humidity and bouts of flash flood warnings accompanied with the 10% chance of snowfall. Don't tune in later...for nothing ever changes but change. Perfect timing this periodic weathered … Continue reading Making Our Life Whole with Dank Dog Aroma’s