Dungeons and Darkness

Give me a reason why

Dungeons and darkness still survivie

It is a formidible enemy that stays


unable, under weakened feet, he stays..

after all, feelings…are just another means of retreat

Crowds and crowds have forever gathered ’round…they know what life is…living in that which is loud

Who among us hasn’t lived above the word ‘proud?’

Neglect and punishment…childhood words for stay on your side

Just bluster to dishearten what it is to survive

Marked for Life

Hope to always lie!
Hope to always lie!

Tell me, how politically correct is it to have your legal unfit in her own well breed way, mother, dress you?  Tell you that you’ll never find someone?  Of course, that is a drunken bi-curious story for another time.

I suppose at twenty something the stains I left on others were only remnants of the fairy tale life I began to believe in.

Santa!  Bella!  Vampire!  Happy endings!  Chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk.  My whole being had been reared by the wicked Adopt-A-Mom, from the very beginning.

Who else but a sexually deprived and loveless mass of blood and muscle, tooth and silver spooned speech, aged woman; tells her bought at a fair market price, daughter where her redneck birthmother is?  Who spits out at every dining experience around the white bread made of mahogany setting for eight- dinner table,

“you are just as fucked up as your mother is!”

How could I have ended up any different than I am now?  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline personality, Manic Depressive!

Every out of the way school I ever attended allowed me in on money not merit.

I spray myself with convenience store Smoke B Gone!  I ride with all the windows down in the car an hour after I’ve smoked.  I have a ball and chain and I don’t want to be married to her.  I want her docksiders to not match mine!

I suppose the addiction to Straight Porn is a release.  Sort of a form of Anger Management between myself and myself.

Did I say, I’m an adult, I hope so.  I don’t really feel like one.  My only hope in life was to be a famous pole dancer or lap grinder.  The feel of my nakedness is the only thing that turns me on.

Damn, if my Adopt-A-Mom wouldn’t be aghast by that.  Walking around during the company’s Christmas Party.  Showing off the newly purchased Grand Father clock, bragging to her colleagues about how her daughter is fresh out of diapers and fresh out of college.

Quickly the smug group glides upstairs to the forbidden zone.  The attic.  No, knock.  No sweetie, it’s Mom.  Just the quiet opening to a world of forty pounds overweight and deep into Deep Throat daughter.

Stain tha Mom!