the Whole Earth

The minute we stop questioning everything...will be when the!
The minute we stop questioning everything…will be when the politicians…win!

Why is it we only love when we are going to go?

Why is it we only get off the fence when others tell us so?

Why is it the streets are filled with vacant places…still no places for other to go?

How has being disabled have become a left-handed compliment?

How long before what is said…is meant?

How long before cause and effect promises to be permanent?

What flag will rise today…that isn’t shameful to display?

What is it to look out a neighbor’s window without our shadows getting in the way?

What if we all pray?

the whole earth 2

When will the political puppets and their permanence get off the hill?

When will it all come in the form of a pill?

When will today stand still?

Whole Earth Catalog and its family of publications provide an innovative, groundbreaking pattern of thought.

‘Sometimes life is bare and raw…touching every part of you…that is exposed.  Like the sun coming up on a cold January morning.  Other times…it is the epitome of a lawn that has been left unattended.  Year upon year…to which there was no end.  Unkempt, chaotic and without a sense of time.  We are indeed the seasons that we choose to walk in.’