Carry On

Some days, no matter the physical, spiritual, mental, discomfort.  The best we can hope for is to... CARRY ON! We are shining stars We are invincible We are who we are On our darkest day When we're miles away So we'll come, we will find our way home ... Though I've never been through hell … Continue reading Carry On


People Are Crazy, Times Are Strange

  As a stranger you slipped into my back pocket. Filling the inset with tokens of good-byes. Twenty-four hour chips turned over to years of near misses and heavy sighs! The gravity to our kinship would never correlate on paper. Before, the gathering, a rainbow's pride had been just another friendship... I had learned to … Continue reading People Are Crazy, Times Are Strange

Walking in Recovery

Flying solo amid the haunted thicket. A travesty of my imperfections bad luck? Getting the misguides...wrong. For even a gimpy, imp, knows. It takes two to belong. ↓ When I attempted to travel the mist with loneliness in my heart. My shortcomings were longer than the sum of all their parts. With gumption...tangled in corruption, … Continue reading Walking in Recovery

Be Still the Lonely Chair

Still, the lonely chair. Sometimes placed as if, to beckon another. But below the begrudged earth... No soul mate arises from the turf. Ò When well in mind. When composed in soul. I travel by the place that claimed to make my youth whole. Ò Though the canvas seat is aware of my grace. Not … Continue reading Be Still the Lonely Chair

Bundled from Hell

I can understand how depression seeps in. Not knowing where you are going. Not cherishing where you have been. Hobbling along to the sounds of remorse with diluted spirits in hand. Traveling off course... I often misplace where I stand. The seeds of riches are never planted. And, makeshift religions ringing...a dinner bell. With certainty... … Continue reading Bundled from Hell