Living Room

  I had read of a prisoner... Many moons ago. Who lived his life as though. Lived his life as though, he had been able to traverse the earth. Move about... Beyond a stone birth.   In tune with... And,  in times of,  crippled creeks. Disrespectful pride. Meanderings of feeling meek.   In times of, … Continue reading Living Room


My Pity Made of Cotton

It is an old, familiar blanket. One that has wrapped itself in the arms of many. One that swaddled my fears. And, has fed my hunger. Still there are times in which it seems less dear. Less near. ∞ Pity I cannot provide my shelter... Made of the finest soft cotton. Indulge my blanket with … Continue reading My Pity Made of Cotton

Pursuing the Spirit

There in the broken lot. Hunched, but, young. A walking prosthetic. Beautiful, nonetheless. In comparison, my renewal...nothing short of pathetic. As I began to surmise, down a cobbled street. The reckoning...would not shake me free. Would I remain a pursuer of spirituality? With the mystery of the mystics...forever ahead of me!  

Forgotten Song

The violets had been bought for the green-eyed lady. However, I had arrived beyond late... Within moments, she reigned upon my mind... And, later, she had gone. Trickling down... Such as forgotten words to her favorite song. Soon I began to misplace her solemn heirlooms. After, stories and tales the green-eyed lady had gifted me. … Continue reading Forgotten Song