the Merrimack: Pauper Cemetery, Revisited

'What a peculiar fascination,' one would say. Yet, looking at it with morning eyes, I would have it no other way! Each and everyone, designed to suffer. And, once gone, only pillared stories remain. Tales of wanting to rule our world.   In proper, pauper, place, every name, one in the same. The convicts that … Continue reading the Merrimack: Pauper Cemetery, Revisited


the Day After Yesterday

Today, I watch the dogs frolic. As though, the mossy plot were brand new and clean. As though, the earth below them were all it seemed. Give sway! The elements recall it, a morn to a new day. With piney cones gathered in moss. And, fields asunder, haled and dressed. With hunter's revoked. And, the … Continue reading the Day After Yesterday

Chaos and Calm, Collide

In reference to another life, I heard that, IT would always be something. A hiccup, a laugh... or, poorly chosen path. A manner for chaos to collide. And, my body, tossed to one side. Could the specter have been... a Caroler or poet? To this day, I am really not sure which. But deep in … Continue reading Chaos and Calm, Collide

Coveted Cow

I would disparage my hand to see the waste. Often, willing to travel the road in which there is haste. Why do you begrudge me so? Letting the other be? Forbidding what it is I know! No matters for resentment now. The longing for betterment has overruled. Has sullied the coveted cow.

Veiled Hollows Abound

So true, the closer the destination. The further it be... out of grasp. So true, the ice forming over the grass. What to make of an end... I cannot meet. Obvious, the hindered earth underneath my feet. Jagged bone of soil all around. Veiled hollowed abound. Sometimes the miles traveled. Seem not worthy my trial. … Continue reading Veiled Hollows Abound