What She Means to Confess

Her way to stay sane. Her way to become mad. Her way to inspire. Her way to remove the plain. She is the seductive curve posing in a devil's empowering dress. The manners of a full-lipped villain. When she dips on bent knee, to confess. Whilst dangling on the threads of word. She brushes my … Continue reading What She Means to Confess


Matron Cows and Silly Sows

Had I been born an article of sale clothing...'straight' off the rack. A bit long in the sleeve. Slightly bulky. Too athletic looking. Would I make it fit? Had I been in mind...as an abused, handed down... 'good news' bible. Splayed on open pages. Scribbled in ink. Someone's ideals of what is right or wrong. … Continue reading Matron Cows and Silly Sows

Drive by House

Old House...  Where have you been?   Who have been your enemies?  Who have been your friends? ∞ It would appear you are unaware of the sunny side of the street.  Your storied archways and hallways.  I will never fully conceive.  The once upon a time notions of promise coupled with deceit.    

Moderate Ignorance

On the stairway to self-preservation. An allotment of goods. A brace, some pills...none with thrills. All rainbow arrays of impediments. Difficult to imagine a day not perfumed by my self imposed...handicaps. With a suitcase of vertigo in hand. I travel the stairs, everyday, often with dismay. I daydream about what it is I am attempting … Continue reading Moderate Ignorance

Where is the Fault?

What is this? Ugliness in the trees. Unsightly, gait to a walk. Hailstorms of purposeful distort. No matter the purpose, I cannot transcend. No matter the discourse, in and around, the bend. No matter the purpose, there is no pretense.   Aghast, I speak to the spirit inside me. 'Come along!  Find another!  Let me … Continue reading Where is the Fault?