Night Crawlers

Just a private conversation between the night crawlers…and, I.

As the sun wakes its weary head…mirrored reflections on mistakes made.

Holes bored into my soul.

Curled in upon itself…divots, to which I dare no enemy tread.

Modern day judgment comes often.

Frequently it is swift.

Always it is free.

I could tap love on her slender, shoulder.

But I appreciate that she not know such demons exist.

the minute Regret walks in the Joint

Regret waltzed in with a raw and damp handshake.

At first, her grip felt like a lucky break.

She then whispered in my ear…

“I am here for you!”

Her  voice serenely caustic.

If I had continued to hold her hand there would be mistakes…that could never stop.

Regret walked in and shook my hand.

She left me disappointed…like a friendship…I could never understand.

Asleep Before the Lights Go Out

asleep before lights out 5

We’ve all got are stories.

So, pray-tell, what is that blank stare…as you share?

As you glare…?

Leering about…sleeping before the lights went out?

Would you have said, something different?

If you saw her again?

Did you say,

if only he looked back…?

If only we remained friends?

Were we not a family of visitors in that after life…?

Denoting moments of, remember when?

asleep before lights out 3

I had a vision last night.

It started with us in a tranquil sea of daisies.

And,  with due course,

with no notices around,

flashes of  a city street…

Children playing tag in and about the bad side of town.

Malingerers with beer bodies…

Searching for their soul’s…sound.

asleep before lights out 1

But of course,

the future has always played us the same way.

My vision left as quickly as, a day.

Never knowing what to say.

Watching the past roll us away.