Clouds in the Puddles

Hanging head low.

Such as a bully bull and a retiring bovine would.

Oh, if I could only be…

As lax, as relax can be.

Faults in the pavement…could they be any less obtuse?

Subtracting and murky with no roots to withstand the decay.

Unfortunately, I am not four-legged and constantly at ease with my indifference.

I lack luster amid the earth that surrounds.

In a calf’s eyes from what can be deduced…

Ambivalence, the grandest prize.

If only to witness the reflection of clouds in puddles passing by.



ptown 4

ptown 1

Shelters with forgiveness

Showers with anguish

A drought of daylight dashed with

a flood of color.

Surfacing the surf

hence the…

synchronized love for one another.

The ebb of ebony waters

caressing the earth’s floor,

Smells of smelt

sea salt and



Surround the days that turns to


Here and their

there is love for everybody.

A shore…

life sticks to everything it touches.

Oceanside… filmy destinations with sunburn blushes,

PromisetownAnd, what is away

Was never meant to stay.

What of charm but a

braided pretzel at sunset.

What of beauty but

long walks we haven’t taken yet.

Water color scenes with

pastel dreams.

Haggard old town

an a road to a passage of time

that has taken it’s toll.

Weathered and leather-ed down deep in the soul.