Matron Cows and Silly Sows

Had I been born an article of sale clothing...'straight' off the rack. A bit long in the sleeve. Slightly bulky. Too athletic looking. Would I make it fit? Had I been in an abused, handed down... 'good news' bible. Splayed on open pages. Scribbled in ink. Someone's ideals of what is right or wrong. … Continue reading Matron Cows and Silly Sows


Cycle of Abuse: the Matriarch/Part Two

  Two days after my 45th birthday.  On Friday, January the 13th, 2012, my grandmother passed away.  Surrounding her on the 11th, had been a roomful of... mourners.  Nine or so family members gazing lovingly into her closed and slightly cold eyes. Ruth, my grandmother, would not have had the send off any other way.  … Continue reading Cycle of Abuse: the Matriarch/Part Two

Manacle on a Square Tire

  Swollen moments have swallowed my shackled spirit. Taunting me with promises of colorful communion. Provocations of an infinite reunion. ≥ Yet, what if I cannot bear the step? Whilst my physical world be dire. My course, a manacle on a square tire. If ever this be true... Let my mind bathe in the warmth … Continue reading Manacle on a Square Tire