Giving Way to Simplicity


a lovely indulgence day.

The sweet taste of commonplace sentiment…

Just as tantalizing as dandelion wine.

Almost June…Beetles,

clinging to sun’s light.

Dawn basking in the riches given by night.

Must remember…

Happenstance is just a ritual to portray.

Before all,

this is the house that Mother built.

An after thought to a handmade quilt.

What is purposeful disarray.

Only cluttered calming…meaningful displays.

Well anchored needled pines.

Colorful moments for the ravaged mind.

A landscape so bitter…

It becomes overly kind.


What Becomes a Broken Heart: the Martha Beck story


broken heart.jpg

I once died of a lonely heart.

And, this is where my story starts.

Lacking in pity and social grace

I had a homely soul…

I wore it like a scar upon my face.

But this too is where my story ends

seeking the approval of men.

love 1

My story is a love story, but only those who are tortured by love can understand what I mean.  I was pictured as a fat, unfeeling woman.  True I am fat, but if that is a crime, how many of my sex are guilty?  I am not unfeeling, stupid or moronic.  My last words and my last thoughts are:

‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!’

Martha Beck had been part of the infamous duo, the Lonely Hearts Killers.  Along with Raymond Fernandez, the two lovers…pretending to sister and brother…killed three women by placing notices in the personal ads.  The fourth victim, a child of a lonely heart casualty.

And, though, Martha at the time of the trial weighed in at 223 pounds.  It appears it had not only been her fleshy lust for life, that drew media attention.  It had been her lurid and vulgar manner.  A manner that fed the frenzy…

Opening June 9, 1949, the trial produced a torrent of sensational testimony as both defendants, apparently eager to prove their lack of sanity, burned the jurors’ ears with lengthy streams of obscenity that described the intensity of their love life. What the court stenographers recorded could not be printed even by New York City’s most torrid press. But the news reporters could describe how, when called to the witness stand, Martha Beck strode forward in bright green shoes, her massive body swathed in bright silks, a double-strand necklace clinking brightly, and suddenly detoured across the courtroom to Fernandez. Catching his face in her hefty hands, she pulled it toward her, kissing him on the mouth and, as the guards pulled her away, leaving him with a grin of bright red lipstick.

Read more: Martha Beck Trial: 1949 – The Kiss In The Courtroom – Fernandez, York, Sing, and Insanity – JRank Articles

It seems we may have traveled far from the dating rituals of the past…we have not moved nearly as much…when it aiding and abetting the green eye monsters, commonly known as, jealousy, greed and lust!  A broken heart is a one size fits all situation!

Love at odds 1