With Love at the Table

If we were to meet along a deserted and silent Avenue? What would be my due? If Love walked in with visions of secretive beauty... What would my heart assign me to do? As though, Love lay in the off shadows of midday. Languished with only a name's sake. Could I have the courage to … Continue reading With Love at the Table


To Much Love

Underneath plush cover of cotton. A healing hand in repose. As if, a wanting to be disposed.   I regard too much, while grasping the outstretched sleeping gesture. I ponder, 'too much love!' However, between the warming waves. There is an oft instinct to fit that love with a masking glove. Trials and tribulations sometimes, … Continue reading To Much Love

A Heart by Night. By Day

How organic to yearn for love? Then stand in its light. Such as, searching for the sun five minutes after midnight. More often than not, we stand by the radiance of a full moon. As though love will never give will to confinement. Or, by what is assumed.

Dusk Flirts

It is late at night. Perhaps, just 'round midnight. Dusk flirts with a lit lamppost. I place my hand gently in the curve of your hip. And, soon... What strange monsters that lurk. In the mania of the mind. Fade to darkness in the beauty of your design.