Divine Comedy of Love

How odd? This small window of opportunity. A brisk period of time to dust love off and let it shine. Vows of devotion...a bit brutish and unkind. ⊗ I can only deem my love's memory as, savory with age. It may sway through a realm of bold bouts, heart-shaped and reticent. Yet, land in the … Continue reading Divine Comedy of Love


As A Home Confides

There have been holes. Holes in the wall. Holes to the sky. Blankets for caressing. Blankets in which, I could collect my cares. But within the secrets of dim light... Somewhere between the darkest hours and fitful sleep. I am consigned to the sounds. The sounds of my home, at night. ∞ The purr of … Continue reading As A Home Confides

Proximity of Love

The proximity of this love. Its grasp, taxing and foreboding. Tunnels of light seem far-reaching, caring and giving. Always surprising... daring my deepest insecurity. Blindsided, my truth can tumble. It can fall. I can appraise myself of virtue. Yet, in love, the close proximity... makes me feel quite small.  

flesh tone

she wants more, more, more i wonder why is it to control the secrets she wishes to hide when i delve into this hidden world. i feel, as though, an accomplice everything and all, in the here and now nonetheless, i am a welcomed guest and, she and her secrets are freed somehow