right now, red on green

soon to be, red on whitejunk 1

such is, simplicity’s plight

indistinguishable from every other day

that is until life among the wind…begins to sway

nature, a wonder, as I blow like rubbish from here to there

all the junk knowledge I have received…

none of it of this earth

junk 2

Out of Town Trash

Perpetual surveying of the damage…now that spring is here.

White trash, multi colored rubbish.

No greenery to be found.

Just months before

high praise cometh for the northern town.

And, accolades were placed at the tomb of ‘do not park.’

I feel more native than most.

Having been…born at the pulpit of the father, the sun, the out-of-town ghost.

trash 1trash 3

Mt. Saint Franklin


A sort of chastity, pollutes me.

Hinders my reaction.

Makes living unsustainable.


If it were not for the abandoned house.

The left shoe littered by a white line.

Trails purposely marked but deliberately…hard to find.

Clogs in the sleet and ice.

Boots in the sand.

The oddity of it all interrupting the big plan.