to Breathe or not to Breathe

I have written off that which is not known

Crashing into the earth…secrets come with the winds.

Dismissive pine needles of discourse…go, flow, go.

I choke on the ashes of the earth.

Soiled and turned and forgotten…

what is it that leave the belly of the beast that grows, grows and grows?

Perhaps a bitter forested pill which is embedded in plumes of snow.

To breathe or not to breathe.

The swaying maple, birch and alike,

are crying.

And, I sit singing their refrain.

the Way We Act

For you…

For me…

white lies 4an energy from the earth.

A sort of, classical tale of rebirth.


in the cumulative air, a slight whisper…

“I like the way you think…

…But I hate the way you act.”