How To Store Poetic Thoughts

In an


 abandoned garage over on River road.

In a left alone box…I keep the sacred thoughts.

In an upholstered chair from 1972, all velour and static, covered in snow.

That is where make-believe takes a seat.

It is where poetry goes.imageedit_3_3337571397

Around about, midday, most days, when the sun quenches the sky.

I take time out to visit a graveyard Sage made of stone and bone.

To amend the playful wrongs…make them…right.

Everyday…a fortunate spirit on an infinite flight.


flesh tone

she wants more, more, more

i wonder why

is it to control the secrets she wishes to hide

when i delve into this hidden world.

i feel, as though, an accomplice

everything and all, in the here and now

nonetheless, i am a welcomed guest

and, she and her secrets are freed somehow

How to Admire a Partly Cloudy Day

Someday, I do not know when.

Illusions spawned from delusions.

Will spill from a cup-shaped cloud in the sky

Ominous voices.

Will no longer,

be antagonizing and lacking choices.


Only cloudy with a chance of rain.

Misfits will feel free to tell each other…their secrets.

And, the wilderness of society will no longer address nonconformity…with disrespect.


Asleep Before the Lights Go Out

asleep before lights out 5

We’ve all got are stories.

So, pray-tell, what is that blank stare…as you share?

As you glare…?

Leering about…sleeping before the lights went out?

Would you have said, something different?

If you saw her again?

Did you say,

if only he looked back…?

If only we remained friends?

Were we not a family of visitors in that after life…?

Denoting moments of, remember when?

asleep before lights out 3

I had a vision last night.

It started with us in a tranquil sea of daisies.

And,  with due course,

with no notices around,

flashes of  a city street…

Children playing tag in and about the bad side of town.

Malingerers with beer bodies…

Searching for their soul’s…sound.

asleep before lights out 1

But of course,

the future has always played us the same way.

My vision left as quickly as, a day.

Never knowing what to say.

Watching the past roll us away.

al norte de Belice

belieze 4

Texan charm, claimed by Madrileño magic.
Everlasting radiance to which my far away 
landscapes find reprieve.
A commoner's picturesque relief.
Be there no judge to this span of 
sun on snow.
No hindrance in the acreage between 
what we both know.
In separate worlds...still nowhere to go.
To live the curse was to find courage in the journey.
To live the curse was to find courage in the journey.
Hard to evade a shady nighttime of Belize.
belize 3

Nor the familiar nor'easter 
and it's biting      breeze.
Memories for me will forever 
be a desert         sunflower...
Distant words and climbing miles.
My friend, never a day goes by, 
when I do not    reach for your smile.

belize 5