Inner Slavery

contrary 1


Contrarian world before you lay eventuality at quarreling feet.

Before you lay, Lady Justice blind before a flame of disarray…

Be there dismayed progression


stigmatized convention…

turn your withered page…

watch the rich cobbler feel his rage.

contrary 6

Crops gone awry.

Desert downtown’s begin their end.

Elders loosing wages…

‘Befriend me, respect me’, Lady Liberty gasps.

Let her stake her stand

with corporate robe and open hand.


Fastidious freedom,

liberty graveyards,

eminent domain destinies…

Do tell, the woman from the Ellis isle…

When will your hate walk the last mile.

contrary 5
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.” ― Bob Marley

A Derelict’s Addiction


It’s like we were all one big car load of mistakes.

Driving on the fumes of forgotten familiar musk.

A smudge, per say, half lit with good intentions.

Blind, drunk and happy,

misleading others to the river of uninterrupted daydreams.

Wonderful misfits of bad habits,

living in a world of…

nothing is what it seems.



In times of self-pity,

I pull the roads of happy, dusty, destiny…

up next to me.

In my own antiquated way,

I am a beat up Volvo on display.

Not looking for trouble…

but knowing it will come my way.