These Are the Times

There are many days; dreary, dark, and unsupported by my truth. Many moments as a, woman, an artist, a overly thoughtful person, where I judge myself way too harshly.

‘Wherever I go, however…there I am.’

In these times of uncertainty. Uncertainty in the world that drips over the edges and becomes…my personal space.

These are the times, long as they may be, I must remind myself of the following:

the Snake

A man saw a snake being burnngg to death and decided to take out of the fire.  When he did, the snake bit him causing excruciating pain.  The man dropped the snake, and the reptile fell right back into the fire.

So, the man grabbed a metal pole, took the snake out of the fire and saved his life.

Someone who was watching, approached the man and said,

“That snake bit you.  Why are you still trying to save it?”

The man replied, “The nature of the snake is to bite, but that is not gonna change my nature…which is to help!”

Do not change your nature simply because someone harms you.  Do not lose your good heart…only learn to take precautions.


Fear of Failure


As the branches sing above.

A noble thought to taking this as it were given…

To praise all the intricate notions we did not speak.

Timing, always fit to be tied.


there is not a reason for Mother Nature to lie.

It is contagious…how I fear the falling

Candor in blankets of white release.

It is distinctive how I run from failure.


there is no need for Mother to hold my hand.

Coming around again,

I will be behind a crooked bend.

Staying Sane

All forms of casualty had been deposited in the leftover store.

Many kinds of grave mistakes…placed in a rusty meat grinder and set aside for fast food.

My self-indulgence, to my surprise, had not been so easy to feed.

I began to lay my body in state…state of conflict.100_1244

I went to the doctor to shred all copies of my aches and ailments.

He had been in awe of the toxic difficulties…and, staying sane.

Shallow from the Inside

How long has it been…

since I have swallowed my pride…

to look out from the inside.

My own reflection?

                                      Is it true?

Subdue, subdue, subdued.

There are new, old pieces of me I cannot fit together.

No matter the crevice.

No matter the wanting of…somehow, somehow.

Simpler to be always good?

Simpler to be sometimes bad?