Spinster Lee



a book with no spine.

A sisterhood cloaked by falsehoods.

What of the charm?

Belonging to the woman with masks for misdeeds.

How did it feel?

Ignoring the abuse?

Spinster Sister how can shame be the family’s noose.

Your summer winds blow in shallow.

Leaving no taste, no permanence…

That cannot be erased.

A simple twist of fate has ridden on Sister’s shoulders.

Leaving vague traces of morals that have become so sedate.

Sister, you are everywhere.

Propagating with despair.

Saluting all the common trends.

Filling up on nighttime romance novels.

Assuming the position of bliss…as, the end.

Dear Sister, ‘Oh, how you have become your own love letter.’

Now a spinster…

Your better home and garden have fallen.

With all the neglected weeds…not heeded.

Sitting in the loneliness of wanting to feel needed.imageedit_80_2154551777


Better Off Shallow

My sister’s dignity has come undone.

No ideal happenstance with rounded corners.

Long ago,

she purchased trite with honor.


Though, I have tried, there can be no finger pointed in blame.

Wiser have tried.

And, they have lost.

Using the same name.

Day After Day: the Woman Vet

“I discovered this poem…awhile ago.  I believe it touches the soul of women everywhere.  What great courage it takes for a woman to willing go into battle.  The scope of war for her so unique.”

hey ricki 3


Day after day they ask me
“Why do you go away?
What makes you leave your family?
I think that you should stay.

My child who’s standing at the door
Clutching Daddy’s hand so
Pleads again with choking voice
“Mommy, please don’t go.”

For me, I must answer them,
I need for them to know.
It is not for fame or glory
Or riches that I go.

I go for each of you,
For all that have a son,
For all that have a daughter
Or a special loved one.

I go that when they hurt,
Or harm’s bullet has settled deep
Someone will be there for them,
To ease them as they sleep

I go to hold them as they die,
In some deserted place
To listen to their last goodbye
And still their troubled face.

I go because you can not go
And hold them when in fear
And soothe the troubled brow
As they cry for home so dear.

So when you see me pack my bags
And leave for lands so far away,
It is not hardness of the heart
Or mother’s conscience gone astray
Its for love of country, freedom,
Duty and honor too,
But most of all I go
To bring them back to you.

Capt. Cheryl Lockhart, USAFR, NC 914th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron

Sublime Consultation






Her eyes, windows of silent remorse.


as a matter of sublime consultation,

she gave reflection to daughters, of course.

The outsourced meandering gave creed to reckless abandonment and misdeeds.

NO harness had been allotted…no one wished to take the lead.



the Convenient Sibling

siblings 1




Living with you had been a train…poised to wreck,

akin to feral dogs lacking in respect.

Once upon a time, has grown apart.

Two wicked ways to a not similar heart.

There will never be a forever falling out.

Yet, we cannot say,

respectful without a degree of relative remorse.

You set your sails away…


to a more functional course.

It appears, though, our fires can be fanned from far away…

I set my sights on lighter days.

Looking back to going forward …

can I blame you for not wanting to stay.

siblings 2

They say when the bottom falls out,

we’ve reached a new low.

They say to cross a river of ice,

there must be no place left to go.

Can I blame you for wanting to leave the snow.

Can I blame you for placating scrapbooks of…

left handed lies.


Honestly, I am just looking for someone to see my side.





“We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.”