Paths Crossing in the Night

A rush of water reminds me of night

Something, I can see but…

is vacantly out of sight.

Dark as it may be,

the earth blankets me.

It covers me with luminescent sky.

Warning me to,

look behind words.

To pull truth from starred gods and…

listen in silence…

to be heard.

This love affair with mother nature has been such as,

a blind date.

a sideways glance from a well versed stranger.

Hints of dodging raindrops.

Nights when paths cross


dreams are caught.

Grace-land, Concord NH

sleeping (Photo credit: riebschlager)


To avoid stress?

One should not practice following the routine:
drinking would solve all those problems for me
have a few drinks and id loosen up. but i cant anymore
so ill have to double up on the clonzapan to make it through the day starting at 10am-whenever..
I tend to be a little ‘out’ there in my thinking .
Nevermind, I’ll just go back to sleep.
Wake me when the circus comes to town!

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