Arlo’s Movement

Basically, I think there are two things to get by in this world:

a sense of humor and the ability to laugh when your ego is destroyed!

Arlo Guthrie

The only reason I’m singing you this song now is ‘cause you may know somebody in a similar situation, or you may be in a similar situation,” Guthrie explains. “And if you’re in a situation like that there’s only one thing you can do and that’s walk into the shrink wherever you are, just walk in say, ‘Shrink, You can get anything you want, at Alice’s restaurant.’ And walk out.


Variation of a Rainbow


If the world could be its own heroine.  I would like to think it…A sunset.  There would not be bias.  Just spheres, floating upon air balloon pillows.  And, every element, separate but the same.  Comedy and innocence dressed as colors.  Variation’s on a rainbow could be our names.  The end would be a beginning.  And, the beginning, would have no end.

Bruised Impressions

Ran vagary over and over.

As if,

smitten by a nemesis of a four-leaf clover.

There is no supremacy here, there or…anywhere.

We all are diminished by the same bed of rock.

No matter the choice.

No matter the manner in which we leave a bruised impression.

Each to their own.

Put to rest by the same hand.

Only our vanity chooses…

Woman or man.

Before the Closet Door

Ironic, the emotions are no different on the other side.

Having subsisted in the great pretense of…someone else.

Then…and, now…

when the floods rushed upon me.

It had always been torment that I felt.


as before,

the closet door,

love was a feast in which I dined.

Hate a rapturous offender.

Dissidence for a bi-lateral kind.


I bleed now.

As I did,

before the open closet door.

I cry,

as before the open closet door.

Please to meet you…

I am no different from before.