Turn the Page

Every writer dips his brush into his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.



A book is good company. It is full of conversation without loquacity. It comes to your longing with full instruction, but pursues you never. It is not offended at your absent-mindedness, nor jealous if you turn to other pleasures, of leaf, or dress, or mineral, or even of books. It silently serves the soul without recompense, not even for the hire of love. And yet more noble, it seems to pass from itself, and to enter the memory, and to hover in a silvery transfiguration there, until the outward book is but a body, and its soul and spirit are flown to you, and possess your memory like a spirit. And while some books, like steps, are left behind us by the very help which they yield us, and serve only our childhood, or early life, some others go with us in mute fidelity to the end of life, a recreation for fatigue, an instruction for our sober hours, and a solace for our sickness or sorrow. Except the great out-doors, nothing that has no life of its own gives so much life to you.38021435-open-book-vintage-effect-style-picture-processing

Henry Ward Beecher


Stark is the Comfort

And, thus the solitary season begins.

Stone cold silence from a white out.

Oddly enough…there is comfort with no history.

As the days grow more and more diminished…

And, the lights go out…imageedit_3_9068559963

Less and less the need for pretense.

Daylight Dark

Not a one comes out, now.

It is daylight dark.

And, night sky bright.

Chill inserts my bones.

Wrestles free all warmth.

And, beckons my body, ‘go on home.’

A silence seems dangerous.

But can arrive such as a beggar encouraging the traveler…

‘best to go alone.’



Gifted Gift-er

Had it been a gift.

It would have been for the present.

Yet, so much littered the path.

Like an upholstered couch left in the rain.

A little something for what ails.

But the Gift-er lacks charity…

Thus, a custom design pails.

Gifted Gift-er.

Living like a prodigy mapping out days of solace.

Planning perks from a, lost, no longer enchanted, forest.

In the thicket of flaws.

A present would seem misleading.

In the deep, wood, depth, of despair.

Being found has no meaning.