an Invitation

Crickets and alike hear my random thoughts

Unmasked in the under brush…there is no need for abandonement…

Just a lyrical understanding of loss

Salamander, squirrel, evergreen and barren oak know of cost

Reverberation from forgotten caves

Divots into the forest of rain

Landscape reminders…we are not the same

I am only invited to release the shame

Never Again…Today

What has fallen did not just begin…the ascent.

Lingering bushes of sage…of dust…could not have just swollen at my feet.

What have I missed of time?imageedit_10_7227269385

I take a ragged winter’s glove off…

And, already I have miss the dying crisp moss.

Placing layer upon layer, preparing for the barren terrain.

I have once again never to be… again.