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In the end, it’s fear, greed and stupidity that will destroy us. -Jeffrey A. White
Environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect. -Mohith Agadi

It’s no secret that climate change will dramatically alter the landscape. As the planet warms, forests will creep north, and vegetation will grow in places like the once-frozen tundra. When that happens, species that were confined to southerly habitats will move north, too, where they will encounter similar species, and then there will be romance.

Actually, this is already happening. In New England, an up-and-comer hybrid called the Eastern coyote is thriving. According to the New York Times, Eastern coyotes (also called “coywolves”) are only about two-thirds coyote — one-fourth of their lineage comes from wolves, and the rest is dog. The resulting animal is around 40 percent larger than a regular coyote, hunts in packs, and is better adapted to killing New England deer.

Are Coywolves Dangerous? You bet your sweet ass!

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Winter’s Atrophy

A lucky guess would be…

That no one knows what they are looking for.

An initiation from the quiet among earth-tone debris.

Yet, without provocation, a suspect and chaotic sound from hidden hierarchy.

Perhaps, just a faded notion…

And, not a one is looking for anything.

Ideal life is simply stirred into commotion.

Blood in the Snow

I have walked through the hues.

The dimness that casts…in a far off elongated print, upon a mountain pass.

Sprayed in the virgin snow.

Black as the witching hour, from afar and none to personal.

Red as the noon day’s sun, up close.

Blood stains from a wild game.

A quick removal of dignity.

And, stillness remains.imageedit_1_4203140728

Carmen’s Post

carmen's post 4

Pillage the nest

Seek what is yours

Leave the pretty one

Plain ones come by the score.

So as you sit in


carmen's post 4in


stoically refined…

aligned on all fours.

Pillage the nest

Alas, take no more

What once was the pretty one…

has gone

carmen's post 5We have taken all that he adores.