Ugly Symmetry

With damage done…

A sparse oak will cling for life.

Past peak leafs will stay beyond the changing of a summer’s guard.

Beauty, evermore present… while seasons wane and become…increasingly hard.

Eclectic vibrancy fills the air with sighs of…relief.

Balancing the acts of outside forces…

Again and, again, flowers from the weeds.

A Winter’s Flower

a winters flower 4

A winter’s flower.

How do I disgrace thee.

When you provide me with such symmetry.

An all seasons charm.

Winter’s flower.

How could I not seek but always see.

And, though the footpath is slow

to where you are.

The earthen tones splendor like a distant star.

Winter’s flower by Tree Farm Loop…

take a left off Baptist Hill road.

Near where the Shakers grow old.