Shaker Road

shaker road 4

This old house has seen it all before.  The rummaging of angst…The backdoor horrors…

Three crows circling the unkempt gardens, pecking orders for the leftovers.

Descending much like beggars to pennies upon the floor.

This old house…closed for repairs…missing steps in the stairs.

Leaking self depreciating humor…encased in toxic rumor.

This old house…if only you had known sooner.

A foundation built on Christ.

Dining in prayer with the Father and a roll of the dice.

‘Come home.’shaker road 1

I shall tell you now.

I shall tell you now…

what all these years…

you have missed.

“Nail and frail and lying low.  A legacy cast no shadow.  For it must have not just shape and form, but contempt for danger…or, it only lay shallow.”

shaker road 5

“Occasionally, we have to take care of those who once…took care of us.  Often leaving, the participants, stuck between wonder-lust and antiquated mistrust.”

A hand that rocks that cradle

Treat your parents with loving care, you will only know their value, when you see their empty chair.


A hand thin as, ash

Frail, as the silk from a spider’s web.

Reaching out,

delicate in haste,

flesh, milky, freckled,  never a gesture in waste.

In indiscriminate ways,

these are the vestiges that cannot warn of lukewarm days.

As sun leathers a journey,

palms up,

cherishing adornments…

What kind of peace is this

cultivated… regards,

gesturing moments…both near and far.

Winds witness

a rain’s soaking martyred mage.

Vintage dowry, turns the page.

To carry on carrying…a hollow heart.

Empty ‘cept for blood from stones


the rare fresh start.

Ironic those vanquished sets of hands,

solitary yet grand.

From here to infinity…

Hand me downs, love in transparency.

Cupped in goodness,

praying to accept what is melancholy.