Staying Sane

All forms of casualty had been deposited in the leftover store.

Many kinds of grave mistakes…placed in a rusty meat grinder and set aside for fast food.

My self-indulgence, to my surprise, had not been so easy to feed.

I began to lay my body in state…state of conflict.100_1244

I went to the doctor to shred all copies of my aches and ailments.

He had been in awe of the toxic difficulties…and, staying sane.

Everyone for themselves


altar 5

As a writer, as a poet, as a person, today…it is increasingly more difficult to be alone.  It often makes me wonder, is this science, technology or self imposed?

Are we intentionally avoiding ‘ourselves’?  It is easy enough to do.

Therefore, I choose, Saturday late mornings as, ME, time.  I have to…or else.  Or else, all truth that I seek surely is not real.  The most truthful place any of us can be…The best position we can have against crimes of self?

Alone time.  Nothing but, me, myself and I!


“In fact, we have developed a phobia of being alone; we prefer the most trivial and even obnoxious company, the most meaningless activities, to being alone with ourselves; we seem to be frightened at the prospect of facing ourselves.  Is it because we feel we would be such bad company?

I think the fear of being alone with ourselves is rather a feeling of embarrassment, bordering sometimes on terror at seeing a person at once so well known and so strange; we are afraid and run away.”

-Erich Fromm

Man for Himself


planning a lie 2
What is your first impression…when alone with self?