Sustain This

land of the freeDisturbed Ignorant Plasta-holic-

What gives with the unnecessary plastic objects that Americans and New Englanders have a need to collect? Who needs that much unsustainable organization in their lives?

What are the twelve steps to recovering from this addiction?

Easier said than done; cloth diapers instead of retro plastic ones. A soiled Huggie takes up to 500 years to decompose.

For goodness sake, give up Trident or Wrigley’s. Most chewing gum is made of plastic. Give the habit up cold turkey. Humans aren’t dogs chewing on Kong’s.

When dialing up Dominos, ask the check-out guy or girl to hold the little plastic table that goes in the middle off the pie. You’ve got a dining table at home another one is not needed.

Use washable Feminine Hygiene Products. Sure it’s a big mess but you made it.

Choose a cardboard cat scratcher instead of wall to wall deep plush Cat Castles. None of the products last more than a month, cats get bored easily.\

Enjoy the joys of consignment shop shopping. A beat up pair of Levi’s is much more comfortable than the stiff fresh pressed pair sold at the local Walmart.

Avoid gluttony! Just because the almost new Wet/Dry Vac doesn’t have the fresh hot off the plastic assembly line smell; doesn’t mean it is ready for pasture.

Choose clothing materials that sprouted from the ground not a chemistry beaker.

Individuality is nice but not necessary with cheese. Bulk is better.

Give up Bottled Water! Remember the good old days when we just drank from the tap? Why did America become so fancy?

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