Shaker Road

shaker road 4

This old house has seen it all before.  The rummaging of angst…The backdoor horrors…

Three crows circling the unkempt gardens, pecking orders for the leftovers.

Descending much like beggars to pennies upon the floor.

This old house…closed for repairs…missing steps in the stairs.

Leaking self depreciating humor…encased in toxic rumor.

This old house…if only you had known sooner.

A foundation built on Christ.

Dining in prayer with the Father and a roll of the dice.

‘Come home.’shaker road 1

I shall tell you now.

I shall tell you now…

what all these years…

you have missed.

“Nail and frail and lying low.  A legacy cast no shadow.  For it must have not just shape and form, but contempt for danger…or, it only lay shallow.”

shaker road 5

“Occasionally, we have to take care of those who once…took care of us.  Often leaving, the participants, stuck between wonder-lust and antiquated mistrust.”

The Flawed Teacher


A lesson learned in time?

Over exposed…in the darkest reaches of my mind.

Happens…sometimes on my way back home…where I no longer belong.

Most definitely, in childhood songs.

Lyrics where I had hoped to belong.

Always, a smile for the audience of one.

All skills set in the dust below my feet.

Intentions in a dug…well…dried in defeat.

The flawed teacher said,

‘only five seconds for showers!’

I, the student, whispered,

‘Put away your cross come down from your tower of power!’