Hero for Gold

Loud enough to be heard when a pin drops. Tangled moments of clarity. Ancient strife and last century poets... Have not held the key. I, too, have been known to grasp at straws. That I do not hold. As I wheeze through another breath. And, hobble towards indecision. I am distracted by a presence of … Continue reading Hero for Gold


Granite Labyrinth

Rummaging early. There had never been a cave to hide my heart. As the strings pulled... Auspicious had been the woods, the hearth... The mangled weeded twine beneath my bare-feet... Had been only make-believe. An exclusive story for my yearned for retreat. ⊗ With a long, last. A dog, a butterfly. A road that leads … Continue reading Granite Labyrinth

Lonesome Stanger

Wild-berry safer by itself. Poison Ivy always meant to tease. Misconstrued dam...wanton on the knee. The natural order of things...easier to believe. My overdone education has not hurt me none... I can read the writing on the wall. Walls move...and, minds do to. Mother Nature, for certain, cannot be sued. Indigenous mushroom. Sumac tree with … Continue reading Lonesome Stanger