Lost Your Way?

Have you ever lost your way?
Have mercy thinkin’ ’bout yesterday?
I was barefoot in the creek.
Singin’ songs that came out of the street.  And my heart was free as a breeze.

Long before it was broken…Long before harsh words were spoken…
There was nothing to rise above.

Have you ever gone astray?
Rode weary all out of faith?
Have you ever lost your way?

Go where the love is.  And, you won’t be lost again.

##Edie Brickell


White Picket Fences


heeding the fire 2

For the pursuit of…

the bitch in heat,

in need of neglecting.

Give us your

white picket fence in need of tending.

Give us your


it is in need of defending.

white picket fences 1

So many impassable highways.

a wonder it is…

that we still stand.

Notices of our past…dues.

Like flaxen locks of hair…

riddled with the blues.


There are no rainmakers in this lot.

No, to shadow dancing from broken stir-ups  in back alleys.

No more heroes from low lying valleys.


There is a trick to walking without need for a crutch.

There is a treachery to the fire…when it no longer inspires us.

white picket fences 2