I Love Big Mutts

The winds blew dry whatever morning cares... there had been. Thus, a hike, had been ordered with the closest of friends. Though strife becomes toil. And, toil becomes the strife. A gust will pull up and, redefine what it is to live in a spotless mind.   Intervals of weather without sun. And, many a … Continue reading I Love Big Mutts


an Unruly Pact

Both look back at me. As though, I should chastise their play. The sun... Bleaching their coats. With a turn of my head... I know. The unruly pack. Wishes for me to go... Where they dare to go. Both dogs... Forever, blind to the fact that... I am only human. Of a certain age... And, … Continue reading an Unruly Pact

Feral or Not

I had been told... "Stay away.  For close to a... full day.  Four kittens have come to pay a visit.  And, if you return too soon, a house run on riot.  Would be all that you see!" ... "Nothing but...Mess and toys and jingle bells cluttering the doorway.  Little tiny beings who have to stay!"

Adopting Me

Each passing year... All the more, she limps back to me. Sometimes openly. Usually, discretely. ∇ I assume... She has seen me do the same. And, though, she is far wiser than me. We both know... Neither one of us is to blame.  

Diligent Huntress

An appearing whim. Like the flight of a wingless, windless, bird. Speechless but gregarious. His movements lopsided and absurd. And... There she is. Serious as, a fact. Diligent huntress always on track. No, to the same. No, to the gallop. No, to the strut. Separate as, the fur line to their hackles. The strain to … Continue reading Diligent Huntress