to Abandon the Luxury

abstract 1

Looking well within the glass…my motives have not become clear.  My thoughts languishing in all the abstract.  Scents often replaced with sense.  

Reaching down to the bottom of a forbidden well.  I cannot abhor the green and their backs.  My thoughts have for the moment been more prudent…less abstract.

No matter the abandoned luxury…I find myself leering at the mechanical trinkets that detract.



Drawing Outside the Lines

bl water 1

Traced this black water…outside the lines…

So many times…I have forgotten how to try.

The fringes, sterile and, opaque.

Threatening to wash away all the mistakes.

There had been that dreamy night at the fire.

Angels of the darkness using sonar sight.

Stark, quiet and still, 

the charcoal waters took away my fright.

Lonely, but not alone, mudrooms and school days…

Where imagination had paid a price.

Why hadn’t dry land…sufficed? 


My anxious sweat beading down upon the impenetrable…

Possibly, an enemy for a friend.

Isn’t it ironic?

The filtered forest beholding  slate like brooks.

Mockingly…my thirst is all it took.

It’s Always Something

The more I watch the ‘news’ during these hazardous times…the more I miss, Walter Cronkrite.  For as far as it comes to mixing politics, the news and the truth and war and love and hate…the more I believe

‘when they own the information…they can bend it all they want!’