Missing You



There have only been a few steps in the stairwell, that we have missed.

Rarely inattentive.

This is the dance, after all.


I had an occasion of being…

nothing but a shoal…

clay and loam.

A raging tempest that would not be deterred.


how life falls into place.

AS if it were meant to be.

A solution for an already solved…mystery.

An acorn blown to the river.

Minutes held on reserve.

Precious time…bought with passwords.

With little doubt,

no purchased remedy to missing someone.

Never a cure to the rattle that occurs while you are gone.

Everything heard…an ambiguous love song.

Homesick beyond four walls.

My remission takes solace only in the beauty that sits outside…of us.

For to confide in the heavens…a must.


with great attribute,

they say,

‘love ages well…

and, never will it rust!’

Home, is where I want to be
But I guess I’m already there