thoughts from a madwoman

an impetus of my thoughts…
ties like a stolen heart hanging on a single limb
waving in the distance, those I have lost…those I have yet to meet
my intimacy has stretched one lone minute into days
a simple glance to my love has turned like a leaf in the fall
our infinity is willful…through the light and the dark

time has captured the ease in which love will always bleed

looking, mortality in the eye…like a discarded pod to a seed

Time is Aging

So many shapes, sizes.

Some oblique and detractors.

Some manic from nearing disaster.

Time is aging…rounding off jagged points of view.

Time has become minimal.

Urging my black and white mind with visions basic and new.

Time is Up

Static noise raining down off a benevolent power-line.

The scrubbing quiet of waters running about granite edges…unrefined.

A beauty and a beast at every patriot’s sign…

Today, tomorrow, infinitely beyond the mind.

Could this be the time?

I sharpen a tune to silent noise.

And, the moments do not stand poised.

I cannot lay about in blame.

My life is as dormant as a welcoming at my feet.

Time as always…a visitor that I shall never meet.


Natural Folly


  • Nature is beyond all teaching.

  • Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue; to that end, we should hear and see more than we speak.

  • Nature, time, and patience, are the three great healers.

  • Mother Nature dispenses with decorum.



Making night hideous…and, we the fools of nature.

So horridly to shake our disposition.

With thoughts beyond the reaches of our souls?

  • ##Shakespeare


Pleased to Meet You

lies 1


the scars of yesterday, still open and raw.


less memorable, or so you thought.

Jumped in dirty.

Came out the same way.

Letting the ego get the best of you?


Bigger than a breadbox.

Less memorable, or so you thought.

‘Got to stop believing in all my lies.

Too much to do…before I die.’

lies 3

This cell


its attire.

Me with my wink and all the things…lost in the fire.

Never believe me when I tell you,

youth is in me.

Nor, my innocence is purchased free.

‘Never hell, to well, for you or me.’

lies 2
Who killed our heroes?  After all, it was you and me.