Mosuo Women Rule

In the howling winds of a deep, New Hampshire, December.  After the four legged children have been fed, watered and put to bed…I glance at my wife, my partner, my…not born yesterday, marriage.  Between the kicking, prodding, slurring and whispered, angry requests…I ponder…

Could I live like a Mosuo?

Mosuo are a small, matriarchal sect.  An ethnic group from China that defies traditional marriage.


Instead, they have built their love relationships on something called, walking marriage.

Having read this little bit of knowledge.  And, currently dealing with a kicking wife who soundly sit’s up out of bed from a dead sleep and screams…

“Are you okay?”

Again I say to self…

Mosuo or not Mosuo?

Normally when she asks if everything is copacetic with my meditation time.  I just give into my demons.  Forgo the chant.  And worry about bills. 

However, her question came out in blood curdling bursts from a voice that sits between Pee Wee Herman and Joan Rivers.

Mosuo?  Do they really have anything on this so called, Walking Marriage.  No wives.  No husbands.  Children raised by the inner sanctum of family.

After all, at seventeen years in, we write post-it notes to each other…to have sex.

The women of Mosuo?  They sing and dance.  They probably even remember what they said to each other yesterday.  Most likely, the Lady in Charge of Her House, even rubs her perspective night-mate’s feet.  These little jabs at foreplay happen during the day…when no one is tired.

Later on that evening, women invite visitors to their rooms and encourage them to leave the next morning!

Benefits?'Oh bugger -- not the Jehovah's witnesses again!'

-Equal freedoms.

-This dating game can begin and end…whenever.

Or, as I like to say, ‘if the door hits you on the backside.  Don’t bother coming back in.’

-Never any need to inquire on the ‘adult’ stuff.  At least for a short period of time.  No pillow-talk over are the…kids alright?  Have you walked the dogs?  Did you get the stool sample from the cat?  Like the vet asked!

And, other little assets that come to mind if one decides to participate in a Walking Marriage:

Old people (like myself)can give it a whirl.

There is little domestic violence!  For christ’s sake…if two people can’t get along for a few hours.  They probably shouldn’t hook up!

War is less likely to happen!  With everyone having ‘walked’ the whole village.  War would be counter productive.

This Visiting Marriage can have its faults:

-What is love?

And, more importantly,

-What does love have to do with it? (Thank you, Tina Turner)

-If two Visitors happen to have visited the Lady’s abode?  What happens if they meet up?  Jealousy?  Hurt feelings?  Who will be the Sugar Momma or Sugar Daddy?  It could get ugly.

About now it is 3 in the morning.  My wife has now decided to wake up out of my sound sleep and ask…

“Don’t forget you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow!

So, with Mosuo and Megan…on my mind.  I think ‘No’ to Mosuo tradition.  What if I broke a hip and needed someone to take care of me?  Take care of me for 4 to 6 weeks?  Who’d be walking through my house then?283362727208_1


the Tradition Marriage Museum…Not!


if a homosexual lies down with a turn does the tree get put to death
if a homosexual lies down with a tree…in turn does the tree get put to death

The National Marriage Organization

Welcome to our new organization promoting traditional marriage! Here are five short videos explaining our beliefs. Start with whatever topic you like most.

Here is a wonderfully autonomous list of choices in case your a homophobic homosexual and/or speared by your own identity confusion heterosexual:

1.Defining tradition marriage…

Basically, this little video fills us all in on the right and wrong positions to take in and out of the bedroom.

2.You are already equal, in other words, everyone has equal opportunity to do as we say not as we do.

3. Leviticus!  And, of course, the moral majority‘s take on what the bible is really saying.

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death.

There were two other very important statements about how to STRAIGHTEN ourselves out but I got bored.


Okay, now, Ambien Grace has laid down with a married women+ mother is homophobic= threat to disown and dress said child in traditional ‘female’ cloth.  Pink, polyester and other unnatural fabrics.

Married woman + Dumbed Down 23 year old= in many countries-death by stone.

Uganda+ homosexuality= death no matter if you happened to be next to a homo or sharing a bus seat with them.  In that neck of the woods, your best bet is to be seen reading Leviticus over and over and over again, whilst, professing abstinence from any and all objects that protrude.

I have lied down with many things…dogs, cats, my Higher Power, my mother and on rare occasions, the earth.  I wonder what Jesus thinks of all this?  The government in the shitter because it cannot get out of it’s own immoral way to make sound moral decisions.

The closeted homosexuals who live in fear of loss of job and/or loss of faith.  And, what of the many, educated and playing around with the idea of being politically correct; are not those persons just as impure as the thoughts that cross my mind?

My grand nephews are of mixed and melted blood.  The are what many would call, coffee with light cream.  Adorable and playful.  Innocent and full of questions.  Do you suppose they too are corrupted simply by the shameful uniqueness of their skin?

do you think he knows that one chair is different from the other & does he really care?
do you think he knows that one chair is different from the other & does he really care?

I don’t know I suppose we are all evil and corruptible.  Even the bible tells us so!