Sista from Another Mother

What is going on in our world?  If I were traveling abroad…I would be ashamed and embarrassed to call myself, American.  Throughout history, it is apparent that diversity has had it’s adversity.  Yet, the year is 2018!  And, though we are a nation that has been built on assorted characters from a crayon box…Here we sit.  Pondering how adults can bully other adults.  How we can elect officials into office that have obvious trails of hatred…leading to their government paid position.

It is time to take a stance beyond refusing friend requests on facebook!



Kansas Republican vows to send ‘lesbian Indian’ Democrat back ‘to the reservation’


 Kansas Republican official is under fire for a social media post in which he called a Democratic congressional candidate a “radical socialist kick boxing lesbian Indian” and predicted she would “be sent back packing to the reservation,” The Kansas City Star reported.

Michael Kalny, a Republican who holds the elected position of precinct committeeman in Kansas, was referring to Sharice Davids, an openly gay Native American lawyer running to unseat Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder. Davids is an amateur mixed martial arts fighter.

Kalny sent the language in a direct Facebook message to Anne Pritchett, president of the Johnson County Democratic Women’s north chapter.

“Little Ms. Pritchett – you and your comrades stealth attack on Yoder is going to blow up in your leftist face,” Kalny wrote in the Facebook message, according to a screenshot shared by Pritchett. “The REAL REPUBLICANS will remember what the scum DEMONRATS tried to do to Kavanaugh in November. Your radical socialist kick boxing lesbian Indian will be sent back packing to the reservation.”

Pritchett told the Star she was “stunned” by the message. She said she thought Kalny sent it in response to comments she left on Yoder’s Facebook page, which she characterized as “hostile.” But the Star was unable to find any comments from Pritchett on Yoder’s page from the last two weeks.

“What is this lady trying to accomplish?” Kalny asked when contacted about the message by the Star in a phone call. He then told the paper that he had to speak to an attorney and hung up.

Davids’ office confirmed that the candidate had seen Kalny’s Facebook message.

“This message doesn’t represent Kansas values, and it doesn’t represent the values of the Republicans we know, many who support this campaign,” Davids said in a statement.

Kalny and Pritchett did not immediately respond to USA TODAY’s request for comment.

C.J. Grover, a spokesman for Yoder said, “Kevin doesn’t believe this type of rhetoric is appropriate at all. It’s unacceptable.”

“These kind of nasty personal attacks are all too prevalent in politics these days, and it needs to stop,” Grover told the Star.

The Cook Political Report currently lists the race between Davids as Yoder as “lean Democrat.” A Davids victory would make her the first openly gay representative out of Kansas and the first female Native American member of Congress, the Star reported.

sharice davids
Charlie Riedl/AP

My Space: New Hampshire’s Sister March – 2017


Much as I hate to be political…Not!

I felt the need to voice my concern about my future…the the future of others!


Mexican-American citizens may worry that their undocumented relatives — even their parents — will be deported. Latinos who were brought to this country as children and to whom Mexico or Guatemala is as foreign as they would be to any of us are worried, as well.

African-Americans, Muslims and other “others” may wonder if they will suffer from the boost that Trump’s victory provides for alt-right and white supremacist groups. It’s worrisome when exclusionary hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan find something to celebrate in a President Trump.

Who else should worry?

Citizens with pre-existing medical conditions may be concerned about what will happen to them if Obamacare is repealed. And 20 million Americans who have healthcare insurance for the first time may wonder how they will fare under Trumpcare.

LGBT citizens are worried, with good reason, that their recently affirmed right to wed will be reversed by a Trump-appointed Supreme Court. Religious freedom laws are likely to find favor in such a Court, which means that gays, lesbians and transgenders may not be able to participate in our society in the same way as other citizens.

Under a Trump presidency, some women may worry that the government will take over their right to control their own bodies when it comes to pregnancy. Prominent voices on the right call for a ban on all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest.

With Russia right next door, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are probably worried, since Trump has suggested diminished support for our NATO allies. Iranian moderates — they are significant in Iranian politics — face a setback with the promised abrogation of the nuclear deal. And Trump’s casual attitude about Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is sure to revive the push for such weapons in Iran. That should worry all of us.

*John M. Crisp, an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service


I had the good fortune to not go to the Women’s March on Washington…2017.  I had done many Marches, in the past.  This time, I needed to be closer to home!

Though, the ‘Sister March in Concord, New Hampshire’ was a much smaller version of Washington’s; it had been a mere mimicry of the country’s new and improved…bigotry of equality…for all.

The crowd had been well-mannered and very open to good conversation.  

New Hampshire has the ‘whitest’ population in America.  I believe the stat is somewhere around 91%.  Which is what it is!  Slowly New Hampshirites are becoming more vast in the melting pot arena.  However, in my lifetime, we will remain mostly cracker and less, cracker and pepper and variations there of.

What struck me had been the one preacher of African-American decent.  And, the obvious, Muslim woman standing next to him…holding essentially, Trump’s America…signs.

One had been about Pro-Life and what ‘Christ’ would have wanted.  The other about…another minority for ‘Make America Great Again’ antics.

My partner and I are openly gay in New Hampshire.  Therefore, we have an acute understanding of feeling like we need to…go along, in order to…get along, in a crowd.

The minorities, at the state capital, that had felt differently about liberal America…coming to end, were very few.  But they were on the scene.

The American dream wished for by some of these sects, is no longer in option.   As stated in the above mentioned article.

However, I felt it might be necessary to point out other groups that may see the light dimming for their hopes and dreams.


– Animal Right’s Activist

-Persons wishing to see marijuana legalized

-Native Americans

-Persons with above average intelligence

-Groups in promotion of climate control and/or in opposition of Global Warming



-Small Business Entrepreneurs

-Anyone who wishes to write and/or speak in full sentences

-Anyone wanting to use words with more than four letters

Course, the list could go on for quite sometime.

So to break things up I would like to offer one of Trump’s thoughts about ‘Making America Great…Again!’

“Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes… Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else…Besides that, I tell you something else. I think that’s guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks,”

imageedit_58_8041025459 imageedit_62_6916038293



Pray Away the Gay?

impatient 3

Nothing has distracted me so much as; homophobia.  I am not a rainbow thumper.  I do not have large unicorn tattoos on my upper arm.  And, though, on occasion, I wear flannel and work-boots…I do so out of comfort.

There is such a large class of L.G.B.T.’s that one could say, there is as much a variety of homosexuals (and, alike) that we are similar to heterosexuals, in vast variety.

Never have I heard anyone of my kind say,

‘I wonder why he loves her?  Just doesn’t seem right!  She should find herself a good woman, and settle down!’


It is apparent through the passage of time that love is simply better than hate.  That good is better than bad.  And, lastly, finding someone to spend the rest of your life with…makes the roads ahead easier than, being alone.  Sometimes, in my confusion of the obvious, I ask myself a very easy, basic question:

‘What if, for just one day, the world went about it’s business…minding it’s own business?’

Electroshock treatment. Painful drugs. Dangerous brainwashing. These are the ‘treatments’ that lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are subjected to all over the world. These ‘cures’ are driving young people into depression and even suicide. Worse still, some people are actually making money from these ‘therapies.’ This has to stop. Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Imagine the internet being flooded with messages telling the world that LGBT people aren’t sick. That actually, being lesbian, gay, bi, or trans is something to be proud of. Let’s remind the world that your friend, your brother, your daughter, your teacher, or even you yourself aren’t sick. Let’s take down the homophobes and their ‘cures.’ Click here to share the image below on Facebook:


the Canine Home Companion_________Weekend Edition

the Canine Home Companion Weekend Edition

A spay a day keeps the  Tom cats away!
A spay a day keeps the
Tom cats away!

###editorial rendition

Crazy Cat Lady Memoir to her crazy cat:

Dear Polly Anne,

When I said I needed you…You said, ‘I’ll always stay!’

It wasn’t me Polly, who changed…but you…You and your condescending ways!

No matter, smart ass cat…because now you’ve gone away!

Humans have only one true and effective weapon...the CAT!
Humans have only one true and effective weapon…the CAT!

I sit knitting and collecting dead butterflies but…it all circles back to…

Now you’ve gone. I am left here on my socially unfriended own! Ms. Pissy Pants…you’ve catted ’bout town and I’m left here on my own…Now, Bitch, I can’t watch Ellen…I have to follow your in ‘Heat’ ass! Follow your ‘Holier Than Thou’ scent…And, beg you to come home!

Diva on Demand with a fur coat…You don’t have to say you love me…Just be close at hand! You don’t have to acknowledge I’m in the room…I will understand!

Polly Anne, dear, over the top, Polly Anne, believe me, believe me, I can’t help but spend my misguided love on you! But believe me…I will hunt you down! in dire moderation!
Cats…love in dire moderation!

I’ve been locked out of Facebook and Twitter and left with just a life-size portrait of you and me an a memory! Life seems dead and smells like a used cat box…WTF…What’s the deal? All that’s left is loneliness and there is nothing left to feel!

So, in ending, Ms. I Breed Better, you don’t have to say, you love me. Just let me be a fan! You don’t have to stay forever. I know I’ll never land a man!

Yours in sisterhood, devoted and with your best interests in mind-

Crazy than a Cat on a Tuna Boat Roof/Cat Lady!

Man is the only animal that blushes...Or, needs to! -Mark Twain
Man is the only animal that blushes…Or, needs to!
-Mark Twain

Flirting with the Devil!

###homage to the ugly bulldog!

He kicks off

He does not stride

It is a precarious ride!

He left his leash out in the rain

A puppies pulpit…

No pain, no gain!

To lie down with dogs is to exercise good common sense!
To lie down with dogs is to exercise good common sense!

He keeps the playing field level.

Flirting with the four-legged devil.

the Canine Home Companoin

the Canine Home Companion

the Canine Home Companion


The Canine Home Companion has recently been made aware of a new/old online social predator.  This animal has been seen disgracing such sites as; Twitter, Facebook and the ASPCA!

...Misfit dogs don't look for trouble...trouble looks for them!
…Misfit dogs don’t look for trouble…trouble looks for them!

Your local dog catcher is offering a reward for the apprehension of these creatures.

the Bog’s, as seen above, is just one of many ‘cute dogs’!  He has been known to defecate on unsuspecting lawns while kicking dirt in his owner’s face.  Typically the dirt kicking, the breaking of expensive family heirlooms and the embarrassing scenes of misbehavior at the vet’s office, are all products of a narcissist with a dangerous need to live life one day at a time.

These ‘cute dog’ photos have been known to produce bad images of Chihuahua’s in baby bonnets.  They have aroused the urge to put our needs behind others.  Most alarmingly, cute pet pictures have induced the proprietor into believing there is someone out there who can make everything alright at the end of a shitty day.

The mission of Canine Home Companion is threefold:

First, decrease the vulnerability of pet owners who watch ASPCA commercials, with sad Sarah McLaughlin songs, by exposing them to such classics as; War and Peace, Pet Cemetery and America’s Serial Killers volumes 1 to 10.

Second, develop an online hotline- 1-800-END-CUTE.  This phone service will provide rapid, effective and ugly online prerecorded messages,


‘You aren’t cute…And, your mother dresses you funny’

‘Licking my face only ruins the make-up and causes pimples!’

‘Stop looking at me with those big brown eyes!  The Grinch has big brown eyes!’

Third, the Canine Companion hopes to enhance and educate the online public via Dog Owner Rehabs, Kibble withdrawal detoxification centers and sites with nothing but 24 hours of political ads!

These predators may seem adorable online but once they have entered your home and your heart…You will realize that they are only there to love you.

Call the Canine Companion today and help keep cynicism alive.


It's time we all came out of the closet!
It’s time we all came out of the closet!

Next week, a one on one interview with cats who live in the closet!  Why they are there?  And, what do they hope to prove!