Interview with an Old Dog

Dog that has grown old. What use am I to you? Does the time we have shared encompass your bed? Do my words of comfort... Rest your weary head? Will our days of glory... Remind you of time being short? ♥ With confidence... Understand where this homily leads... You have protected me from monsters... Both … Continue reading Interview with an Old Dog


Milling About and Mulling It Over

Milling about. Mulling things over. Not something I am known for. But fortunate me. I haven't far to go to find basic reverie. Fur lined logs. One size, does not fit all. Plodding about in myths of greener pastures. Happily unaware of the here...and, hereafter.  

Clumsy Confidant

In your eyes, I am something I am not. But perhaps, could be. Better yet, your quizzical gaze, a mystic's curiosity? The look may appear to go unnoticed... but apparently, there is no place I go... where you do not want to be. And, in the thickness of our clumsy relationship, a huge pile of... … Continue reading Clumsy Confidant

Objects are Closer than They Appear

I marvel that such Small ribs as these Can cage such vast Desire to please - Ogden Nash