Vanity Plates and Biker Bitches

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Vanity plates for you and me

He came flashing by in speed of gray

Definitely on his way-


He looks like a man I used to know

Course, that was long ago.

Who are these people that I see?

Most definitely…

vanity plates…

you and me.

What ’bout that Fanny Farmer

Kicking it in her four wheeled drive

Wonder what’s keeping

her dreams alive?

Or, cracker rapper, Mr. X?

I see him daily…

laying out gangsta jive with ghostly white hands

What exactly is his big plan?

I know that there is only a minority that I see

Still, their existence sets me free

Vanity plates…


you and me.

Some of us take the show off the road

Frightened to have their story told.

The rest road tested and neon bold.

Take the centenarian foot nurse

Steroids and sterilizers for a purse

Lifelines of ‘keep on truckin’

she’s got a pout that tells me…

she’d definitely put out somethin’.

Vanity plates


you and me.

Vanity plates


for you and me.

-Biker Bitch