Box of Vows

I discovered my vows in the bottom of a box

Scribbled, smooth as silk….yellow, red, purple…

the words,

of love and such.

With tannery hands,

I brushed away the


I gently blew away the dust.

Endearment’s endeavors had been so young…way back when.

Impasse coupled with miracles…a constant friend.

Years of having worn my heart on my sleeve…lavished me in self proclaimed, misery.

It is only now, by virtue of, love’s vows…

I see the greatest gift of all.

‘You have taught me to take life less seriously.’

a stone… Heart shaped


stone 1

Found some stones today…up on the shore.

I had been encouraged by the fact…they were yours.

Rushing to the place of no return…I tossed them.

Diligently, of course, to a spot by the ferns.

With a rush of cool water…fall,

I was brought back to a place…that day…when I felt so small.


What kind of a day had it been?

Was it warm?

Had it been cloudy?

Were my thoughts…deep or just plainly laid?

Could I even remember…the bed we made?


I suppose, what matters most, had been ‘the heart’…

Found, somewhat purposely, in a vacant parking lot.

Sterling silver and, well worn.

Someone else’s misplace…

A shoe without a horn.


All these years have passed, and you still hold it dear.

As if, it were special made.

Or, perhaps,

something never to be feared.


You had gone that day…

to a place I can never go.

But I placed my heart in yours.

A trinket of my thoughts to know.


Found two stones by the shore today…

each heart shaped.

I ran home to put them in their place.

A place where we go…

that others are not allowed.

A place where I keep my heart’s eternal vow.

stone 2