America the Fallen: editorial

“I did and I’m not ashamed to admit it!”

Imprisoned Japanese American Workers/D. Lange

In actuality, I had been concerned about my decision…my action!  Driving down to the local ‘city hall’…which doubles as a source of entertainment.  Offering D list comedians and bad plays by accountants turned ‘actors’ on the weekend.

This old age Opera House during the course of banker’s hours; houses the welfare director, issuer’s of hunting licenses and persons paid by the town of Franklin, New Hampshire deemed competent enough to gather your most personal information.  Voter registration, payment of fines, water and sewer late fees, etc., etc.

Franklin calls itself a city.  Yet, it is a big town with overalls on.

As many of my followers, fellow bloggers and semi interested fans, know.  I am as queer as a two dollar bill.  Obviously, I am an artist.  And, with any research, it is well known that I attempt to speak for those who feel they have no voice.

I have been a democrat all my natural born…voting life.  And, though I grew up in an abusive dictatorship, my parents, both, were leftists.

Odd for me but when I arrived at the building of paying more taxes for grade 6 roads…

Odd for me to feel panic whilst climbing the granite stairs.

‘Live Free or Die…’ kept ringing through my ears.  Such like, a protest you want to start…but have no cause.

“I would like to change my political affiliation.  Is this where I do it?”

My shaky words piercing through spit proof Plexiglas.

Used to be not long before, I dealt with a woman who shall remain nameless and scowled at me while I gave the city all the money I had.

Currently, I had been speaking to Marie.  Lovely woman in comparison to the upset city employee who shall remain nameless.

Odd, I pondered!  I am literally handing over personal information, change of affiliation and various other things…to someone…who registers my moped.

This idea to change from Democrat to Independent had taken me many months to consider.

It had always been my right of passage to believe in a more ‘socially’ aware class.  My resume as volunteer, delegate, knocker of doors, candidate for local office…is vast.

Yet, that has all changed.marion huse tenament porches

Perhaps the only route meant believing in the middle.

Dems have been walking about with their ears back like a scolded dog…for too long.

And, the potty mouth, liberator of porn stars and his posse…are certainly the direction I wish not to go.

Both sides boasting about how they are looking to enhance the lower and middle class.  Both sides playing cards without any inclination as to the life of the typical American citizen.

I am embarrassed by my government…Both local, state and federal.

What kind of sight must this country be…to those who upheld us as, liberators to the truth.imageedit_71_4355317872

An independent is variously defined as a voter who votes for candidates on issues rather than on the basis of a political ideology or partisanship; a voter who does not have long-standing loyalty to, or identification with, a political party; a voter who does not usually vote for the same political party from election.


Camaro Haven, USA

Frenzy Franklin NH
Frenzy Franklin NH

This neck of the woods

whether for better or worse…

bad or good.

My cul-de-sac with pretend black on white hoods.

Mildly, wildly not educated dope Popes paying dues.

Welfare Momma’s and smack Daddy’s

with nothing but a needle and a spoon and booze

What’s that?

Willful Concealment...NH
Willful Concealment…NH

‘It’s better to burn out than fade away.

Your futures so bright you have to wear shades?’

It’s a fantasy world

wife beater’s, bad tattoo’s, stay-cations’ collar blues…

Tied and died brick and mortar shanties and sugar shack subsidies

Uncle Sam’s poor-man vanity!

Fashionista factories…

Open late ‘cept Sundays.

24 hour pregnancy tests…

dime store drug sets…

park and go Ho’s…

Craig’s list 3 ways…

Rent it All…

bring it home today!

Something always happening in

my little neck of the woods.

Cavalier rednecks amp ed on rock.

Sprawl-mart Meth labs

state issued cracker trash

Avenues of scratch ticket cash.

Camaro Heaven Harley’s

Bad girls named synthetic Molly.

Scrappin’ steel and stolen copper at the ‘You Pull It’ lot

Salvation get aways paid for on salvaged income

Middle school drop-outs pimpin’ in prison

Round here everywhere a concealed weapon…

‘cept hunting season.

My neck of the woods …

down right





for better or for worse

bad or good

a constant state of willful concealment

just check under the hood…

Small town antics found under the's all good!
Small town antics found under the hood…it’s all good!