Placating the Darkness

Waiting for the sun…on an overcast day.

Hoping to keep the monsters at bay.

Walking from room to vacant room…

only seduces my plight.

The smattering of charcoal clouds…black, gray butterflies…

Once I tailor my sight…

all that surrounds is placating…bright.

Sweet and Salty Sorrow

How  youthful, one foot in front of the other.

How gallantly innocent, these long hauls without a stall.

Rounds of cheer,

salty sorrow.

There in yesterday…

gone tomorrow.

How frivolous, indeed, the forest that I borrow.

What a tryst, these walks, unlimited.

Me, and, my bohemian ways, dearly wed.

So, in someways, a line is cast.

Shallow waters running fast.

To which, the obvious,

an eternal misstep from the past.

Get it back.

Got to get it back.

Not in trying, do I lack.


Early for black, Late for white

yin yang 1

ying yang 2

The night not so harsh by the nearest dark star.

Early black beckons the rebirth of morning’s news.

Perhaps, even…

alliance with dawn’s tearful dew.

Living with a challenge…not so worse then…just getting by.

No inequality between the devil’s complacency


Angel’s delicate mystery.

Eternally internal’s examination…why ask why.


ying yang 3 ying yang 6

Today,  the whole earth started crying…

Today, the whole earth started dying…

Today, the whole earth started laughing…

All these doubts that complicate the mind.

Duality… dependent in this natural world.

Good’s intersection with bad has unfurled.