Rides with Wilma

Never had a rocking horse. Nor an etiquette course. No, made up, make-up, make believe…resource. Did not have the usual suspects of delicate needs or powered pink posies… Always driven by another kind of force.   Sometimes all we have is to go against the winds.. Sometimes all I had were a different sort of imaginary friends.   There is no tellin’ where a two speed dark horse can find her stride. I only know, with edgy certainty, god’s speed and good speed belongs to the ride. And, the solo secret to a good ride? Doing everything you shouldn’t do … Continue reading Rides with Wilma

All I’ve learned…I’ve learned from the Gambler

As I’ve grown older, not wiser, what little I’ve learned, the ‘gambler’ taught me. It is here where I would suggest, copying and pasting to either a daily note’s book, a reflection book with tiny little ‘ah, ha’s, in the sidebar’ or text a note to self. After reading the bible several times, Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance and, the booklet on how to give yourself a non invasive breast examination… nothing compares to a few simple verses, brought to us by the one and only, Kenny Rogers.   On a warm summer’s eve On a train bound … Continue reading All I’ve learned…I’ve learned from the Gambler