The Animal Lover’s Final Word

...Chatting, thoughtlessly, as is typically an animal lover's way.  With the ease and commonality of a gentle, slight damp, summer's wind. A small, semi-circle gathered around my floating words. My dog asked my cat... "What is the final word?" Perplexed by such as an unencumbered question... My cat queried... "The word you didn't understand at … Continue reading The Animal Lover’s Final Word


Zen Master Cow

No way of telling where they came from. A bi-color carpet rolled out like a long luxurious...Blue Grass song. Soon enough a cluster of curious cattle.  Over took my steel steed.  As the midday sun cracked my skin.  I awaited...for their cumbersome judgment.   For what seemed like hours...The four legged Zen Masters stared down … Continue reading Zen Master Cow

On the Boardwalk

Sometimes, it is misery that brings me here. I once a year declaration to a mirage so close...So near. With further toil. I know that is not the end result. Turmoil...being the Utopian lack of doubt. The salt that falls between the crack in the lines. No requiem for heat. No casket for pine. Only … Continue reading On the Boardwalk

Zen n the Art of Moped Maintenance: Rte.132

It is not as though I haven't been this route before.  The best word, which isn't so eloquent to describe my feelings... had been, green, greener and greenest! But after seducing my biker butt back into a more comfortable enviroment; certainly, green does not do it justice. When you ride there is a feeling of … Continue reading Zen n the Art of Moped Maintenance: Rte.132

Rides with Wilma

Never had a rocking horse. Nor an etiquette course. No, made up, make-up, make believe...resource. Did not have the usual suspects of delicate needs or powered pink posies... Always driven by another kind of force.   Sometimes all we have is to go against the winds.. Sometimes all I had were a different sort of … Continue reading Rides with Wilma